Relapsed - checking in

Today I would have been 1 week sober. But last night I foolishly slipped and drank anything I could get my hands on. Right now I am feeling ashamed and frustrated with myself. I am starting my sobriety journey again and I am determined to succeed. Here’s to Day one… again!


Im on day one too now, and I made it my Goal to be sober this day. I also feel frustrated. I might have been more than 2 months sober now but all I can do now is choose the right thing. We dont know but if we work towards it this might be our last day one ever!


Sorry. If I had got my head straight, I’d be at 170 days today. Instead I’m on day 18. So, so many resets. I was horribly embarrassed. I couldn’t understand why others could ‘do it’ and I couldn’t.

We are all so different, yet similar. I think the most important part is to keep on trying. Seriously.

Mindset is definitely a big part, but so is the need to change habits. Just trying to stop using your doc via sheer willpower alone rarely works.

Maybe try doing the Annie Grace ‘30 day experiment’? It’s free and online. You can google it, find the URL, and sign up. You’ll get an email containing a new link and password to create your profile on the site (minimal info needed). Every day you get an email, video and answer a few questions. There’s a community to interact with, but only if you want to.

Be sure to watch the ‘Before you start’ videos. They set the foundation. I watched those and did the first day challenge on the same day.

Day 1 questions (after watching a few short videos) are ‘Why do you drink / what do you get out of it?’ and ‘Why do you want to stop?’. Then the daily journey continues (email; questions; link to your personal page on the site).
I found it works better for me from a regular laptop.
Just an idea.
Much love :two_hearts:


You can’t think of it like starting over. It’s like jump rope. You might have had to start counting success jumps again but you are already sweaty and winded. You are not the same as when you started and this time the goal is just to keep jumping. Progress, not perfection.

I consider my sober journey to have started in the summer of 2014 when I went to my first AA meeting. My current sobriety date is 2-15-17. Notice that those times are years apart. The day count of your sobriety does not define the length of your journey. :hugs:


Well said. My journey started 11 years ago. Wish I’d found this App and the wonderful people and advice then, it would have saved me from a lot of crappy years.


Maybe try a meeting they will help wish you well

I agree with @C_8 and @C-sun, our sober time isn’t lost, it is there in the background…it is what we build upon as our sober journey continues. All our efforts add up to success as long as we keep trying. Not everyone is able to just say I am done and be done (that’s for sure). I know for me my journey to sobriety started with the thought that my drinking was out of hand, then it eas crushing me, then I tried a lot of bargaining and moderating, then lots of day 1s and day 2s or 5s or 6s, more desperation, more angst, more slip ups, for years…years. Was all that time for naught? Nope, it was all learning, growing, building sober muscles and knowledge and adding to my sober toolbox. Everything we do towards sobriety adds to our ability to string together our days and rewire our brains and work our recovery.

So your journey continues, that is the important factor, never give up on yourself. :heart: