Relapses are hard

I feel so horrible… I relapsed with self harm and didn’t even realize it bc i dissociated… 5 days down the drain

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Why is it 5 days down the drain? You did 5 days, you should be proud! OK so you relapsed, every single person here has, if you just give up something at the first go you’re not addicted. Do 6 days from now, get to 6 do 1 day more. You can and will beat this :muscle::muscle:

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That truly means a lot!! I beat my self up on little things that shouldn’t matter which leads to sh then it’s an endless cycle…

Don’t get caught in that cycle. Addiction tricks us. I used to feel so guilty and ashamed that I couldn’t control my addiction I drank even more to relieve the pain. You need to break that cycle, do something different, change something in your life.

You’re not a bad person, we’re all here because we’re trying to better ourselves. I promise you one day you’ll have this under control. Stay strong.


Relapsing does not mean anything is down the drain. You haven’t lost the lessons learned. Part of disease of addiction wants us to hate ourselves. That carnal part of addiction will do anything it can to get us back. I never really started to recover until I learned to not blame myself for my shortcomings and when I stumble I have to forgive myself. We are our own worst critic, so easy does it.