Relapsing again and again Want to share my storyhere

So did I. Quit both at the same time because of that. Even though the addictions are quite different. So sorry but I don’t agree with Badger tbh. But maybe it’s right for you, it’s all very individual. My personality fits the black and white, all or none strategy I followed. Again, it was tough to start with, but once I made the click in my thinking, once I truly decided I was done with both, it was doable. Allen Carr’s Easy way to quit smoking helped me quite a lot as well as talking to my peers.


I am sorry. What do you think your triggers are? Maybe if you can figure that out, you can make a plan and learn some healthy coping skills to stop it from happening again.

Ok, well this is what worked for me.

Nicotine is HIGHLY addictive, it is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet. When I was smoking I didn’t open the curtains, I was scared to go out and even put the rubbish out, completely anti social… One day I realised I was basically damning myself to lie in bed for all my spare time… It had to change.

I never thought I’d myself as a cigarette smoker, cause it started so casually and I’d enjoy a joint for recreation… Reality was, I was addicted to the nicotine, and just as others chain smoke cigs, I was doing the same, but with added weed.

So even if you do not consider yourself a cig smoker…Get rid of the weed out of those joints. And get rid of the weed, out of your house.

See how it goes, try it, don’t cut down on the smoking itself, you’ll just feel like you are depriving yourself of something… Once the weed has gone you might feel a bit more clarity.

As for the nicotine, that is step two… I also really really really strongly recommend the book “Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking”
It worked for me, and since I have passed it to two smoking friends and they’ve both quit too.

You can smoke whilst you read the book (so don’t be scared to buy it and start reading it, is not a scary cliff-edge like that!!) There is not sudden stopping, but the end you will want to quit. You have nothing to lose by trying it.

This book worked for me after many many many will-power attempts, and attempts to cut down, that never worked.

I know you can do this.

Yes I have this book purchased it on Google books but never read it

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I just get up from my bed
And started smoking and rolling.

I have thrown my weed in dustbin.

Have reset my counter

Let’s see now

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Every body is suggesting me this book.

Honestly I think it happens with all of us.

As far as weed, I was never a big pot smoker, here and there but not a daily or habitual. My only pot smoking binge was in 2004 when I broke up with a girl and thought it was gonna solve it, wrong

For me cause of my job a big one was alcohol, I used alot of pills cause I thought I was being classier than buying heroin or meth, plus I knew what I was getting.

Relapses happen how we handle them is the key, I was able to kick pill habits, opiate and amphetamines but that was by drinking heavily through the withdrawals, basically substituting one for another, do not reccomend by no means.

To start what is it your trying to achieve by smoking weed? A desired effect? A sense of fulfillment?

Someone else said it going to meetings is a bitch hell I I downright refused at first until I was forced to go but it has been helpful

It’s like wasting time


Not anymore! You joined the group so stuck with all of us.

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Wasting time,

Facts I wasted alot of time, being messed up, try different outlets,

as far as nicotine I been trying to kick that habit as well.

But look at the outside of it, I told my story the other night at the request of an coordinator at my treatment center and it gave me perspective.

Look at what your wasting look at what your destroying.

I had a great job, a beautiful family, a house and a career, I threw it out for the contents of an empty bottle,

Now I’m fighting to get back, I work in public safety, and they ask you in job applications about your use, I have had the door slammed in my face a hundred times once intell them the truth. I get it who wants the cop or paramedic showing up at their house who who cant even control himself? The husband they can’t trust because when they go to bed the party begins?

Think about what you are doing to yourself, time is now, your future self will thank you

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Go for it!!! You have got this friend. Yes smoke as much as your want while you read! Have no fear

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Hell yeah. For me it was the realisation that I was committing myself to be bed ridden, like why!!! Sitting in bed all day watching movies…

I’d wake up, either smoke straight way or Huff around in a mood until I finally talked myself into rolling. It was a crap life.

I’m so glad you have the book!!! Now you just need to read it, don’t be scared of a cliff-edge! Keep reading to the end!

Please check back in with progress

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Completed that book
Allen Carr
Nice book

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I’m glad you read it!
And also glad you got thru it in one… When I first read it, I first put it down about the quarters of the way through… It’s like he says, we see the ending like a cliff-edge and we’re scared of it. but realise it’s not a cliff edge, that’s not the case at all, instead it’s the start of your freedom.

And when you get a physical addiction craving, you must not have the mind set that you are missing out our denying yourself in some way (you are NOT)… instead breathe in, breathe out and realise “thank goodness I don’t have to smoke any more!”

I don’t even remember how many years ago his book worked for me. Maybe 7 years now… it works.

Please keep me posted with your progress.