Relapsing again and again Want to share my storyhere

I’m relapsing again and again back to back.
Happened this with someone else??


Have no control over this.

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Hi @785 what’s your story? What are you relapsing with…

Weed cigarette
Like 15 joints per day.
Can’t sleep at night.
Body is in bad shape.

Mind is confused.

Maybe you need medical assistance to help with coming off it detox, rehab?

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What have you tried to get sober before?

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Cold turkey

Did you ever try peer support? Like NA, or Marijuana Anonymous, or SMART meetings, or Buddhist ones, Christian ones, etcetera… Or like here. In my experience we can’t do it alone. We need support, and support from our peers is the best.

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I have no friends or support.

All alone.

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From personal experience with relapsing, it was always going to be a problem for me until I addressed why I was using in the first place. They say when you are ready to learn the teacher appears.


You’re here so you’re no longer alone friend. I smoked loads and loads of hash and weed for 35 years. I quit. It’s possible. But not alone I think.


Very difficult friend
I have this kind of image of me in my head like I want to be sober I can also do it but rn in actually it’s difficult and I’m kind of struggling…

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It’s not easy to start with. Addiction is a cunning foe. And it can be a struggle. I’m not in a 12 step program like NA or Marijuana Anonymous but I do like a lot of what they are saying. Like step one, admitting we are powerless over our DOC. For me that means I can’t use. Simple. That’s the only control I do have. Black and white. I know it’s hard. But since you’re here I know you want this. That’s the very first prerequisite to stopping. And or DOC and our addiction makes us believe we can’t. We can. you can. But we all need a helping hand.


Then get some!

And hey, what are we? Chopped liver?

(Actually, that old saying strangely works here :joy:)


Depends of what you define as a relapse.

Remember the day you began to use and drink and ask yourself…

Were you throughly practicing the specific instructions found in the first 164 pages of the big book of Alcoholics Anonymous or something similar to that book?

If you answered no to this question , then my friend you didn’t relapsed, you just ended your abstinence…

Ok so I spent quite a long time smoking weed and it reached the point where I was just chain smoking joints. I have managed to kick it, it CAN be done, it’ll take effort, you’re not going to just wake up unaddicted.

The first question is, are you using tobacco in the joints??

If yes, then I strongly suggest you try cutting out the weed and just smoking roll up cigarettes first.

Nicotine is HIGHLY addictive, weed not so much.

Please let me know if you have nicotine in these joints, I can help you form a strategy…

Sure. I relapsed all the time when I was trying to kick heroin. I couldn’t stand the pain, that was my main reason.

I see you are on weed and nicotine… I really can’t help you with that hun. I never smoked weed all that much, and I still use nicotine… :confused:

How are you doing with it now?

Yes weed with nicotine joint

Resetting again and again

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