Relapsing is no joke

So it’s been some time since I’ve been in here. I’ve had several relapses! Again almost losing my family and job! But, thanks to my higher power, I was once forgiven again. It has been 23 days since my last drink when I went on a week long drinking binge! It was no fun just plain horrible! Once I sobered up and collected all my thoughts and said my prayers, I have found my reason to keep moving on with my sobriety. I know why I need to be sober! I just want to thank my family for always being there and understanding me through my downfalls! Thank you!


Welcome back . This a good place to be. Keep at it no matter what .


Welcome back. 23 days is great. Just keep moving forward and keep your eyes on the prize. You can do it.

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Maybe try a zoom meeting might help wish you well


And here you are, back at working on your sobriety…that’s a great thing. :heart:


I kow what you mean. It’ll get better my friend. Keep getting up and dusting yourself off. We’re all here for you :pray::heart:

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Quit or eventually die early are the options… i pushed until the later option was near reality. The nice thing about that is as long as i want to live i don’t have a choice in the matter.


That’s such a great way to think about sobriety, and something I can completely relate too as well. Very well said.