Releasing the Pressure Valves

So much of my journey through sobriety is closely tied to my visual health journey. When my sight suddenly changed, and I started seeing double permanently, I lost all manner of coping mechanisms and was forced into social solitude. At first the isolation was deafening and I frantically searched for any resemblance of who I once was. I came to realize the uncomfortable disconnection I was feeling was the lack of my own personal identity. And so I stopped asking myself ‘who will I become?’ and I embraced who I am.

Yesterday, I got my eye surgery. I can not describe in words how much relief having my vision restored makes me feel. It’s too soon but the awakening of my spacial awareness has already made me feel less tense and relaxed. My sight isn’t perfect but it’s better. I’m not perfect but I’m better and this journey has made me stronger.

I found so much more after I lost so much. And today my gratitude has been harden into something unyielding. Like my soul.

Sober since January 1st 2024


I am happy to hear you had your surgery and are safely recovering!! Less tense and relaxed sound heavenly to me. Thank you for the update and congratulations on your almost 40 days of sobriety!!! :heart::people_hugging::heart:


:face_holding_back_tears: Just thank you. Just thank you so much :heart:


I’m so happy for you. Sight is such a personal skill, and when you lose it or some of it you really lose yourself. Long may your recovery continue. :heart:

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so much of my journey began when I got lasix surgery, wound up confused and disorientated, nothing made sense anymore