Replacement habits

It’s day 3 of quitting, mood swings between “yes I can do this” and “isn’t life so dull this way?”.

There was a favorite writer of mine who said “When you quit the addiction of something, the first problem you will face is free time, if you kill free time, you win!”

I see now I was filling my time with weed; scoring it, preparing it, using it, doing whatever after using it, thinking about the next dose. Now all of this is just a void.

So, I fixed my piano, put myself on a learning path after years of not playing. I was thinking about working out, but it’s day 3, I don’t feel my body is ready yet, I don’t want to push my limits and take myself back to relapse. I still have to work - ughhhhhh - and I work from home, which is a trigger on it’s own.

I’m on the hunt of replacement habits, would love to hear what habits or things do you resort to so you can fill the gap? Having a quitting partner also to talk to daily is a nice motivation! I attended an NA meeting today but didn’t find a quitting partner who is on the beginning of their way yet.

Writing here is one of my fav replacement habits too :slight_smile:

Day 3 and will keep going :muscle:


I can only recommend the book “atomic habits”.

This is great awareness, congrats!


Great job man self motivation but not to much stay strong​:+1::ok_hand::muscle::checkered_flag:

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One of the best books I ever read! I recommend it to everyone I know. Thank you :heart:

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I definitly had to fill the time somehow when i got clean. Some i wouldnt necessarily consider a habit but was more of a distraction lol

I picked up exercise. This was beneficial for many reasons… killed time, made me feel good mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Got into journalling here n there. Spent time figuring out what hobbies i enjoyed (baking, making dreamcatchers). I love putting on some music (thats non triggering) and cleaning. I really got into self care. That took up a good chunk of time, especially in the evenings. Walking outside in nature. But I would have to say tho that exercise has been my go to. It just does something for me that no other hobby can do. Some days my body isnt up to weight lifting or intense cardio, but then i try to be active in some way every day. Maybe a light treadmill walk or yoga or even stretching feels good :slight_smile:

Congratulations on ur 3 days also by the way! Sounds like ur really on the right path!


I understand about not wanting to be working out yet. You need to let your body and energy recover first.

Until then how about some local walks. Or tidy the house. Or get a hobby which involves your hands, like painting or knitting for example.

I’m currently learning how to code. It’s hard but it keeps me busy and feels productive


That gives me a push to start working out as soon as I feel my body can do it! Music of course is the only good addiction in life I guess, playing and listening always lift up my mood. I’m journaling my feelings here but I also think doing this more intimately with my diaries will be a good way to log what I feel. Thank you for sharing this!


Amazing! Your comment reminded me that at some point after GPT came out to the world I intended to learn coding again! With GPT as an assistant I think miracles can happen and it will keep my mind busy.


Congrats on day 3!!! Also here for marijuana. I’ve found going for a walk on the treadmill helps when cravings hit. Similar to you, I don’t feel my body is ready for intense exercise yet

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I live on the shore of Lake Michigan in Chicago. When I come down off a binge and spend the next week detoxing, I walk the shore a mile and a half at sunrise. It’s all I can do for at least a week. Something, if the drink is hard and long enough, 2 weeks. After that, the walking detox, I can get back to resistance training. All along I watch my nutrition. When I’m cleaned up, I’m hyper aware of what I put in my body, hydration, and training. I still never miss a sunrise walk in the sand. The duplicitous, yin-yang existence I lead.

Be well.

Be conscious of your needs, body and soul.

Safe travels through the World.



You’re really reading my thoughts mate…

I’m in the process of figuring that one out too, it’s perhapse even the nr. 1 most important lesson on this journey tbh. There’s so much I want to do… So for me what currently helps:

What I am doing:

  • Meditating
  • Jogging
  • Tidying my room/house
  • Maintaining hygiene, shaving, cold showers
  • Watching specific videos/reading specific things covering my feelings/thoughts
  • Writing notes to myself
  • This app
  • Considering my sleep, diet (cooking)
  • Socialising more than usual

What I want to include in my everyday life:

  • Working out
  • Kickboxing
  • Mountain biking
  • Generally going out (hiking, swimming, eating etc)
  • Camping
  • Dating
  • Working in the field I want to work

Quite looking forward to travelling soon too, and getting things that can expand my options after like getting a car, motorbike, kayaks, proper bicycle, proper hiking/camping gear, proper guitar (& electro)… And moving house to somewhere I feel more comfortable (vibes, neighbours, location etc)

Everyone is different though mate, what makes us special, you have to figure out what you really like/enjoy/want in this life (food, music, sports, places, relationships, games, activities, work?) and work towards them one step at a time… What might a successful you/day look like? Not a superficial one according to others, expectations etc, nor unreasonable fantasy or currently unrealistic, but just for good ole you right here & now? I guess you just have to become and stay mindful of what you really want deep down…! :v:

Addictions are the inability to take responsibility in and face/embrace life in a way… But we know, are and can do soooooooooo much better than that…!


You are really 1 in 8 billion!

Thank you for reading my mind as well and understanding! I’m also planning to travel to a coastal city (best diving spot in the world) and learn diving, kayaking, I bought a mountain bike. Trying to socialize more in my job - I need to replace all my friends lol - and trying to find new friends!

Thank you big time for your reply :heart:


Great work do zoom meetings it worked for me in the beginning good luck

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