Reset my clock. 2 days clean from marijuana after 8 month sober

I was nervous about attending the company Christmas party when my co-worker offered me a cartidge of oil to try. I had never experienced this & after mulling it over a couple of days, I agreed. Needless to say, I was hooked. Come to find out, she sells to many of the 300 employees I work with.

It was too easy, these cartidges are inhaled through a pen like device leaving no trace of marijuana smell anywhere. Super discreet and I ended up inhaling the stuff morning, noon & night. I even went as far as paying $200 for a Marijuana Medical Card so that I can continue without the coworkers supply if need be. I have not received it in the mail yet & frankly, I am afraid for me when it does arrive.

I ended up purchasing the same type of cartridge but its filled with CBD oil - which will hopefully arrive in the next 2 days. My coworker was unable to pick up on Fri like she usually does so I have been sober since I ran out on that same day.

Scary how easily I fell back into it and stayed with it for almost 2 months.

I’m baaaaccckkkkkk :joy: