Resetting the app to 0 after 24 days

Hi guys. I just reset my app to 0. I feel like a failure. The second a man drops out of my life, I latch onto another one and I binge on him. So, back to the drawing board. Again.


i’m sorry to hear that but keep your head up you are definitely not a failure ! stay positive you can do it !!!

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I’m sorry to hear this but you will bounce back. Get up brush self off and fi d why you relapsed. I personally have relapsed more timed to count. One day at s time and please reach out if you need anything. You have people here routing for you.

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Thanks guys. This is a very emotional time for me, it feels like a lot of things have come crashing down… And some things are maybe being rebuilt. I don’t know. It’s like a hurricane has swept through my life this morning and left nothing as it was before.


Dust urself off and learn from the relapse dont just excuse it and start over. Your gonna have to do things that may make u feel alone and uncomfortable but it only makes us stronger and independent. Focus on your self worth and quit paying attention to being wanted by men. Just take it as a compliment n keep it moving. Your making it too easy and men dont stay because ur not challenging them at all so the dirt bags get what they wanted and leave. A man truely into u will stay and wait it out til ur ready… Stop the impulse decision making on your own. Slow down and maybe listen to others advise and be open minded before making relationship choices… Id say we warned you of this happening…


You did, that’s for sure @Donnie_Spiering. I’ll take some time to wallow a bit in my sadness and then keep moving forward this time I’ll try to do it properly… I have a session with a therapist Saturday, thank God. I need that.

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Glad to see you’re battling back. Shame seems to be a pretty common aspect of sex based addictions. It took me a long time to realize how wallowing in shame and sadness had become a habit. If I allowed myself to stay there for too long it would just result in me acting out again because I told myself I was worthless. If I am worthless, what does it matter if I act out? Then I’d fall into a relapse cycle. I had to be proactive in dusting myself off and engage in a healthy activity. Do something to care for the temple so the mind has a place it can stand to reside in.

There’s an app called SA Speakers that has audio recordings which I listen to at work. You have to pay a small fee to get the premium version, but it’s been worth it for me.


“Self worth”? What self worth? Hah… This is where I’m at now. But no, not wallowing. Working on dusting myself off to keep going. Today is a write off but tomorrow is a new day and it can’t be worse than today so that’s something to look forward to. My mind is mush. Today I will be easy on myself and if I can’t feel better at least k can try to not feel worse. And NOT jump into a new relationship right away. Not this time. Please keep me in your prayers because my heart is heavy today


I too had to reset the app to 0 this weekend after 24 days, same as you. To heck with shame or whatever negativity. Just try and learn from it and stay focused on a day at a time, move fwd, youre better today than you were. Thats what I tell myself…

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