Restarting again after a binge week

After a good 10 days I had another Relapse. Hard. I drank every night for a week straight. I’m so disappointed in myself. Thankfully nothing happened but I’m done feeling like this. I’m nursing a hangover now. I will get better. I promise myself I will get better for not only myself but my kids.


Same boat. Here’s wishing you the best!:facepunch:

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Same over here… had 2 weeks of nearly Drinking every day even if it was like 11am.
Was in sickleave" twice during These weeks. I am so Sick about this! Wanna go back to my 30 Days Sober which I had in october.

Glad to see you are trying again. Apart from here are you getting any form of support? I’d really recommend trying something different this time to try and break the cycle as even though we abstain, we can still live in a hopeless cycle and not achieve a healthy sobriety.

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Thanks. It can be hard

No I’m not, but I will start looking into some help now. I can’t do it alone

Same. I was on leave and I used it as an excuse to myself to “let loose” for a little bit

Please! When I relapse ppl yell me “thank God ur alive” & I never take it seriously. We COULD DIE & lv our kids parentless. How selfish right?

Same here. I went 30 days, then been drinking the last 2 months. Starting over now. Day 3 today.


I am back, day 1 now. :confused:

Good that you’re rededicating to sobriety. We can’t change what we’ve already done, only what we will do. As someone who’s cycled between drinking and sobriety for 25 years, I know that one of these periods of drinking will be my last, and lifetime sobriety finally sticks. I am determined for the last drink I took, ten days ago, to be the last I ever take. But if it isn’t, I will try again.

I pray this is the one that sticks for you. Stay strong, and forgive yourself for this stumble. Never quit quitting!

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Try something different this time:)