Restarting Again and Again

I’m getting back to day 0 without alcohol.


Welcome back. It isnt easy but soon you will be back on top. One day at a time. One of these times it will stick. You wouldnt be here if you didnt want it. That says alot


Me too. Slipped efter 31 days and quit yesterday


Welcome back, @projau and @SoberSweden. I spent 18 years drifting between drunkenness and sobriety. I survived that time by the grace of my higher power and by increasing legal consequences that kept me dry for periods ranging up to 10 months.

I got sober by “extreme accountability”, being on conditions of release before trial for my last DUI. To support my required physical sobriety, I went on Antabuse. To slow down the craving and constant internal pressure to drink, I used individual counseling and AA.

Take note that I could have died or killed someone at anytime in my drinking. Returning to drinking was always a gamble for me. At the end, I was drinking every day, and praying every day with "I hope I get away with it this time ". It was a pitiful life.


I’m right here with you. Day four. But I feel that I’ve learned something and that I’m not starting from scratch even though I kinda am. This time I figured out what triggered the relapse, so it gave me clarity, even though I’m disappointed with myself. Hang in there


Like a bike, you fall off…its the getting back on…thats the hard part…

Be well friend


That’s what i need “Extreme accountability”. Even though alcohol is not my DOC, i need to do more to be accountable.

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One thing I used to motivate myself early on and even now is statistics. I won’t quote them as it can be a downer for people but if you make it a year the likelihood of relapse goes way down. But that all starts with one day at a time! Make a declaration in your heart and hold onto it! You can do it if sobriety is really want you desire! All the best!


Understand that I do not recommend it. Jail is over-rated.


Aww. I’ve been there. 8 months one time, 4 months this time around.

I had to stop trying to convince myself I can drink responsibly. Not only can I not, but I’ve never wanted to. Every time it would lead to something terrible. At best a nasty hangover.

It’s understandable that we do go back. Alcohol lights up the brains reward center. And our brains are great at convincing us we should drink it. The logical reasons never make sense.

Over time the hope is we fill life with meaning and comfort. Learn to relax and have fun. And deal with problems. That’s sorta what AA teaches. Alcohol is a beverage, and we can’t let a beverage control our life.

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Makes sense for us logics peeps for sure!

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