Return of the relapse

Back to day one really struggling with shame and guilt. Feel like nobody is taking me seriously. Feel like people who care about me have lost respect for me and its causing me lots of pain. I have good support although I believe this may go if I don’t stick to this. Send kind words. Much love x


Don’t be to hard on urself we all make mistakes it’s what you do now that makes a difference pick urself up and learn from what happened to make you relapse and move forward take it one day at a time I know you can do it


Write down the shame, the regret, how crap it was how crap you feel. Get it on paper

You need to use this to fuel your next resistance to the drink.


If you walk 100 miles into a forest, it takes 100 miles to walk out.

I’ve planted my flag, declaring change so many times, only to not change at all. Those in my life ended up rolling their eyes and saying “I’ll believe it when I see it”. In hindsight, I don’t blame them. I was constantly saying one thing and doing the opposite.

It took over a year of real change through hard work before I garnered the support from my loved ones.

I got to where I am now, not because of their support, but from the support of my sober network, here on this forum.

Find your sober team and you will get the support you need!

Be well.


I learned in therapy that first of all I needed to take me seriously.

Welcome to TS, I hope you find everything you need here. There’s so much information and support here.

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Thank you for your kind words. Stay safe x

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Thank you for this. Stay safe my friend x

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Can’t give you kind words bc I would never forgive myself if I loved an alcoholic to death but I can give you my experience.

Firstly forget what other people think, or what you think they think, about you. It’s time to look at yourself not others. Are you taking yourself and recovery seriously?
Are you doing everything possible to stay sober?
Are you doing the things other people with long term sobriety are doing or are you doing what you think is best for you?
Forget everything you think you know about sobriety bc your best thinking has only ever got you drunk. Ask for help.

24 hour zoom code, you don’t have to talk or even put your camera on if you are shy but next time you want to drink sit and listen to people exactly like you and me. look for the similarities not the differences. If you’ve tried this route before try it again but this time remember that a lot of these people have what you want so it can’t hurt to listen to what they have to say and if one of them clicks with you and you like the cut of their gib reach out to them, they want to help you and want nothing except your honesty in return.
If I can help you in anyway I will. I’m a male and live in the UK if your the same and want to change your life DM me. Either way keep trying every day bc one day it will stick.

Just seen your name so reach out to a lady, I can help out to a point if you are desperate


Well said buddy


They will be there for u pal just make change and they’ll support u

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The important thing is that you get back up and start again. Today is the most important day. Always stay in the present.
And don’t worry about what other people say or what they think. That’s not in your control. Remember the serenity prayer.
You can do it. I know you can. God bless you. :pray::pray:

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Will try this thanks man!

Thanks so much! X

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Maybe try a meeting might help you . wish you well

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Great response here! Not much I can add. Just don’t look too far out, go for small wins. Wish you well

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I love this :ok_hand:t3:

Sounds like hope is not all lost but you need to focus. Show up and show them youre capable of this, you can do this

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