Same old story

Greetings from Spain. Trying again. Nedd u support to go out of this hell!!! Seems imposible to me.


Welcome back, nothing is impossible. Been awhile since you posted.

Stay active on here. It helps.


Welcome back Andrew. It’s not impossible to be sober. Being here, posting, commenting, supporting and getting support helps. It helped me so much I’m wel into my second year of sobriety now. Would never have made it alone. And nothing special here. You can do it I am absolutely sure. Change your mindset from trying to doing and get all the support you can. Success!


Hi Andrew. It’s not impossible. That’s your alcoholic brain lying to you again. See how many people here are hitting milestones all the time, often we have had shaky starts and are now enjoying sobriety . Just pick yourself up and carry on, learning from your experience. Best wishes. :pray:


Welcome brothergiphy_xT9IgG50Fb7Mi0prBC_fixed_width001

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¡Ánimo, Andrew! Keep posting, keep checking back in. One day at a time.

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Hi welcome back :pray:t2::two_hearts:

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