Saturday Night FOMO

Here’s the trickiest bit for me. Usually at this time on a Saturday I’d be excited for the evening’s drinking (thinly disgiused as looking forward to a nice Saturday evening with my wife in front of the TV with a treat to eat). The fridge would be full of wine, glasses chilling next to it. Takeway choice agreed on but for me, left until much later as, for maximum alcohol effect I make sure I drink on an empty stomach.

So now, on day 2 of being sober, I’m getting fear of missing out pangs.

So instead of thinking about missing out on that, I’m reminding myself that, by not drinking, I’m only actually missing out on:
Spending around £40 on wine (after ordering another on delivery at about 11:30pm)
Eating an expensive takeway alone, either cold, or warmed up and not being aware enough to enjoy it.
Bingeing on snacks from the cupboards and fridge (even though I’m not hungry)
Waking up tomorrow morning feeling panicky, heart-racing, trying to recall what I drank/spent/ate/said/watched on TV then walking into a messy kitchen with empty bottles of wine on the side and spending the day sat on the sofa not wanting to do anything, feeling crap and promising I won’t do it again.


Good job flipping that script. In the early days it might feel like missing out but if you can remind yourself why you are quitting (like you did) that will fade.

Enjoy your evening. It sounds relaxing and free of stress and regret!

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Day 2 is great…!
Keep that list in your mind you are definitely NOT missing out.


That … … is exactly what I do with wine too. And the next day I wonder what sort of disgraceful pay per view I ordered and don’t even remember watching. Isn’t it strange how we still get the fear of missing out feeling towards activities that we won’t even be able to remember? It’s so strange. But yes, I have them too and it’s going to be difficult for me not to drink tonight as well. I guess I have to remind myself, what am I going to miss out on? Maybe I should be thinking, if I DON’T drink I’m definitely going to miss out on regret, remorse, wasteful spending, and the potential for negatively impacting my relationships. I’m here fighting the battle with you, my friend.


It may be easier to change up the routine tonight. What about putt putt or bowling?

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Turn that FOMO into JOMO! The joy of missing out is REAL! And it never gets old. Did you know that your Saturday night dilemma is so common that a recovery movement in Oz is named for it?
Imagine tomorrow waking well, and greeting the day in a state of peaceful readiness. How about an ice cream and toppings party tonight instead? You can do this. It gets SO much better, but the initial investment must be made. Peace and Fortitude :two_hearts: