Say what! :)

I got my little gifts, a big shout out to @Naturehippy!!!

You are so kind and such an inspiration for someone who is struggling with anger and well, just struggling in general really, lol. I have so much to learn and I am honored to share my journey in sobriety with you! Thanks for the kick ass gifts, can’t wait to reciprocate.

I love my milestone (shaped as a heart) and plan on keeping it with me as a reminder of my first 30 days. Thank you!!!


I like the pic! First time I’ve really seen you. The little bubble icons are so hard to see.

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Haha thanks! And agreed, the bubbles are super small. @alpine_1975

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Hey there @Elisabeth …it is nice to see your face. So you fell for the glitter bomb? :smile:


Lol yes @Melrm ! It got On my pants, hands and my extremely curious kitty. :wink:


Hahahahaha YAY! Glitter bomb! What glitter bomb? Who would do such a thing?! Lol.

Seriously though, I remember the day you came on here! You were newly sober and came on with such conviction and haven’t altered once! I am inspired and awed by you girl! Im usually good with words, but when it comes to conveying what you feed me daily by means of support and inspiration, Im at a loss.

For every piece of glitter that fell upon you and your cat, consider that a word I am trying to grasp to describe how much I love you!!! HUG


This, makes me SOOO HAPPY! Your smile and your 30 plus days is such a gift! Makes me determined to TRY HARDER to be more THAT!

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@Naturehippy hugging you back all the way from California!!! :blush: :rainbow: :sunny:

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