Scared of going to meetings

Hi everyone,

There is a NA Meeting just around the corner from me tommorow night the thought of going is scaring the hell out of me. What benefits will I get out of this?
I was thinking of trying on my own quitting as I have done this before so know I can do it again.
Ive cut down alot over the past week with Marijuana.
Should I see how I go first without it before working the courage up to go to a meeting?
I am grateful for this website, It really helps!

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I can only suggest to you but based on my experience doing this ALONE doesnt work! I guarantee if you walk through the FEAR you wont regret it!

Im an alcoholic and I did my first meeting tonight. I tried doing the alone thing cause like you I’ve done it before too. But recently I found it harder to do it alone. Do what you think is best for you. My meeting tonight was helpful and I’ll definitely being going to more.


I couldn’t do it on my own. I thought I could but I relapsed and regret so much. But! I really found a lot of support at the meetings! People I did know came out of the wood work and helped me. They invited me out and made me feel welcome.
I know AA or NA isn’t for everyone but there’s no harm in giving it a chance.


Not to be insensitive, but if you quit on your own you wouldn’t be here right now. It would seem whatever you have done in the past may have worked for a little bit, but it seems you have relapsed so… You don’t have to do meetings if you don’t want to, even though they have worked for millions of people, but I do suggest some sort of program or you will just fall into the quit/relapse cycle. Trust me, I’ve been there.


I can relate to you on this.
In my past I was able to stop using for short periods of time. Although it never surpassed a year.
This year I decided to go to NA and it has done nothing but help.


I have terrible social anxiety-- I read somewhere to just push yourself to the door of the building with the goal of just going inside for a few minutes, even just a few seconds! I did this and ended up going to my first of now quite a few AA meetings. Plus, if you get scared, we’re all here to help you get through those few moments, or even the entire meeting.



I went to a virtual meeting and just left when it was my turn to speak . I guess I’m person will be better ):