Secrets out

Day 13… i feel great, don’t see signs of slowing down. I feel the positive impact soberity has had on my life. That being said I need some feedback. I haven’t really told many people i am sober so being out has normally been “not drinking today” or “maybe later”. I have told a few but I don’t know how to approach this. Not that people won’t be accepting but I don’t want to go into the why with people. Especially since i used to hide a lot of drinking from others. I have met the majority of my friends through drinking and i worry i have to let some go because we are headed to different parties. As i stated in my last post i live in las vegas so every turn is a bottle of alcohol, sonce everyday is a celebration.

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Hi @1wish Well the beauty of this is,you can tell whoever, whenever, and whatever you choose to. There is nothing you have to explain to anyone that you choose not to. Sometimes it seems like when we decide to do this,that we owe an explanation to the world. Now of course there are people to tell,family, close friends , perhaps a few others. Not the friend of a friend of a cousin’s who’s house you went to for a party or a cookout. My advice,try it on for size,see how it goes.


I’ve honestly just said…not drinkin anymore. Most people dont really care. Its usually just the ones who drink too much themselves that actually say anything negative. I still go to the same places with the same people…I usually just arrive a little later or leave a little earlier! If I get there late…the drinkers are already half in the bag so they hardly notice!:stuck_out_tongue:


I am same as you. I havent told anyone except my wife that i am not drinking.

I was on work video conference today from home and i said excuse me i am just getting a drink… i was only getting a coffee but my work buddy chimes in and says… away for a beer Quitter eh! I was like… haha… not today pal.

It is hard to say “i am not drinking anymore” for a lot of reasons… one… it outs you as a problem drinker… two… it can put unneccessary pressure on your sobriety… eg. “Oh no… i told all of them at work i no longer drink… if i slip up with them theyll know im weak… that im a failure…”

So you know what… just LIE to them… thats what ive been doing… just plane good old fashioned lying. “Nahh… no drink for me today… had far too much whisky last night to do me for a while”.

Good thing about that is you get the street cred for boozing and looking like you had no hangover… because you didnt have a hangover!!

Boom. Lying rocks!

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Yeah totally feel that way about telling people. I don’t want the pressure of not succeeding or the the spotlight of alcoholic walking…

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I am in that situation tonight. These posts really help!

When I first quit I did not tell too many people at first either. At first I was ashamed but after going to a few parties and seeing how people acted I just felt embarrassed for them. People that drink and feel they don’t have an issue really do not understand how difficult it is to completely change your life and not drink. You are 13 days in and that is great keep it up but also take your time. You will have good and bad days. Always remember why you quit. Thank you for sharing your story. I love reading stories and knowing that I am not alone in this fight.