Seeing a fellow alcoholic drunk / drinking / buying alcohol

What would others do / have done in this situation?

Just been behind somebody from the rooms in Aldi this morning at 9am buying 6 large bottles of strong cider.

He saw me and looked like he wanted the world to swallow him up, I didn’t speak to him though as think it would have embarrased him and he would have bought it / drunk regardless

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I know what I did…I was in Aldi with my shopping list which included a bottle of wine for my wife… bumped into one of my recovery friends… decided not to buy the wine…I suppose I did not think I would be believed…:disappointed:. You are correct though they will probably do it anyway…the good thing is just by seeing you it might make them think about the choice they have made :grin:

If the roles were reversed, what would you have wanted your AA friend to do? Leave you to buy it or say “got time for a cuppa after this?”

Me? I’ve purchased wine as gifts for friends and family. Never been faced with a situation like this.


I like that @Yoda-Stevie… what’s the worse that could happen…I suppose they could tell you to f off …but at least you tried.:grin:

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My husband is a normie. I sometimes pick up wine or beer for him. That being the case, I wouldn’t mind if an AA friend said something along the lines of, “Hey there. You doing okay?”

Ultimately, each person makes his or her own choices. If someone has decided to drink, there will be little you can do to stop it. It never hurts to be a friend, though.


Do nothing. It’s not your business unless that person asks for help. This topic was discussed today in my noon meeting. In the end you can’t take anyone elses inventory.


I bought a bottle of Amaretto for my colleague a couple days ago for his birthday - I was questioned why I was buying alcohol by another which I appreciated the sentiment. But I’m with @Englishd on this one - you can’t save the world.

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