Seeing lots of reasons why i shouldnt drink but

Sobriety brings clarity and I am not liking what I see. Having trouble with this. I am seeing lots of reasons why i shouldnt drink. I am NOT seeing reasons to live. Seriously all this around me is becoming painfully crystal clear. Talk about being a worthless drunk, now I am just worthless. No reason to be here. But its ok I will keep drudging on so i can see the part someday where everyo e says it gets better. Thanks for listening.


278 days by the way. Thanks.

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What is it you see, that you dont like? And Hey, you are NOT worthless!

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You are not worthless that is your disease talking trying to get you back into its grips. Yeah when we sober up life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies that’s why it’s suggested to work a program. Maybe try going to a meeting and getting a sponsor and working the steps? I don’t know why you necessarily feel worthless but could it possibly be because of the destruction your alcoholism has caused? That is your alcoholism that did that, not you.

Keep on pushing ODAAT. Of course you should be here, you certainly are not worthless. Have you considered volunteering? It’s a wonderful way to contribute and it feels good. Congrats on 278.

Hey there,
I’ll join the choir: you are not worthless! It’s not based on what you have or haven’t done, achievement or your failures. You’re a human and every human is valuable!

I’m not a professional but it sounds like you have suicidal ideation. It means your brain and thinking are out of whack. I needed therapy, meds, time and process to get out of my pit. I’d urge you to find professional help and to make a plan. Drinking won’t help you. You have a good sober streek. Maybe now would be a good time to address underlying issues?

Please hang in there. There are reasons to live even if things look meaningless now.

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