Seem like common sense but a bit of an epiphany for me

Last night I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep when I started trying to half way talk my self out of beleiving I am an alcoholic and then I started thinking, why am I trying to think like this? What am I scared of. My epiphany I had was “what is the worst thing that will come out of me never drinking again?” Honestly, I can not think of one even remotely bad thing. Worry what my friends might think? They aren’t great friends if they don’t care to see me better myself? I can think of a million things that could happen if I continue to drink that would be detrimental to my health and my relationships but I can not honesty think of one single bad thing that will come out of never drinking again. That alone tells me exactly the right choice. Seems so simple to think about it now.


Ain’t that the big ah ha moment? I’ve also heard it said, I’d much rather go through life sober wondering if I have a drinking problem, than drunk wondering if I can get sober.

And what you said is exactly why! What’ve we got to lose by not drinking? Not a damn thing. :sunglasses:


Love those moments of clarity!! Thanks for sharing yours!!! :+1:


In all honesty our friends are too busy worrying about their own lives to worry whether we drink or not, and its good you had these moments of clarity- it reinforces you do have a problem, a non alcoholic wouldnt even wonder these things.

Keep moving forward you’re doing great, and it only gets better!!


I didn’t even think about a non alcoholic not pondering this ever. Contrast is eye opening. :joy:


Yay!!! That is a great monent.

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I had a similar ephiany! So the question I has started asking myself was “what am I missing out in if I don’t drink” and the answer was always nothing!

I’ve had a recent relapse and I’ve started asking myself that again!


Its a great feeling to have that clarity. And its even better when the people around you care about you bettering yourself and if there are people in your life that dont care? Then in the bin they go :pray:


Amen Brother.


Right on! This is the process of changing your relationship with alcohol! The more you learn about it the more you despise it.

I wrote a topic on this process a while back and you’re well on your way!