Seems nothing is as fun anymore

Everywhere I go there is alcohol, the restaurants, bowling, the store, ect

That was like when I quit smoking, cigarettes everywhere! Just because it is accessible does not mean it is good for you (ie mcdonalds). Day 19 here . Super miserable and grumpy yesterday. SOber today only by the grace of God


Also alcohol depletes your dopamine. It’s like a wicked new wife who makes you dependant and reliable only on her for your happiness, pushing away everyone and everything you love. Give it time my friend.


Can I point out that the reason we see alcohol in everything is because no matter where we went or what we did guess who was always there. That’s right the alcoholic that stares back at us in the mirror. It’s hard to live in a world we so easily blurred away. You can look at things the same way you’re right. In time you’ll see them as better. Now if I go somewhere I will plan on it being a good time, not because I’m going to be drunk and do stupid shit (I might do stupid shit anyway). It’s because I’m going to be in the moment and enjoying the company. I won’t be focused on…okay if I take a 4 ounce shot before I go in I’ll buy a beer that will hold me over for an hour then I’m going to have to excuse myself to go out to the car for something and start this process over again. I know it’s hard at first but I hope you can see the difference in the two different views? Give yourself a fighting chance. Quit looking at sobriety as a punishment. If that’s all you see it as that’s all you will make it. Run with it and live life again


I keep telling myself that its not about fun right now. Its about handling business. Its about being in control of my health, my money and my happiness. I try to remember that every problem in my life right now is a direct result of my alcoholism.


Like Chad said enjoy your sobriety , what you said is true its everywere and it aint going to change so youl have to change your thinking and dont be afraid of it just accept it ,because its there you dont have to give into it just think happy thoughts im sure your cope best wishes

I got like that too in the first month sober. Found no enjoyment in anything one day.

For dinner that day i even said to myself… “whats the point of cooking anything… i am not going to enjoy it.” And for the first time ever i proceeded to crack two eggs into a glass and drink them for dinner.

I will tell you this feeling passes. Just fight through it. Might take a day or two. Just keep moving forward.


Haha. I remember the egg thing you did. I’ll be honest, I didn’t try it.


You have to try it man! Its easy! I might do it again somme day :smile:

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Thanks y’all… …
The crazy part is I’m 478 days sober and it seems the cravings just started all over again but I’m doing okay…just drives me crazy sometimes…