Self-Harm Help

I have been self harm free for 21 days and 8 hrs I know it’s not alot but I have thought about doing it so much and I am so proud that I have been able to fight the urge i have noticed that this app is more for drug addiction and alchohol addiction but self harm is like a addiction too but no matter where you are or how far along you are it matters


Congrats on three weeks of no self harm.! Your doing great

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Have you considered consulting or engaging yourself in a certain kind of treatment or therapy for it?
Since I am consulting my life has drastically changed.
Good job on those days !


I have told my mom and I’m already in counseling for adhd and anxiety but she hasn’t made an appointment with my counselor yet and we just had a psychiatrist appointment for other medications and she didnt bring it up

Welcome here Marin. Good for you on 21 days. As you mention, it is more similar then you would think at first. I also try to cope with it.
In this place I found a safe place to share, read, learn, chat and laugh.
Hope it helps you through difficult moments.

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I know that there is struggle with impulse control… And the urges can feel overwhelming… But ask yourself, what does it achieve after a while that thought, that emotion is still there, the selfharm only elivates the pain for a little bitm. My self destruction and the need for it, is all to harm me as I feel I deserve it…

Your body has done nothing to you yet we feel we should damage it for our selfish purposes, the compulsion or the desire does pass and you only have to be kinder to yourself and start to recognise your behaviours that have made self inflicted these wounds onto yourself the easier route than dealing with the raw emotions how we should by talking/expressing ourselves.

Your not alone and well done for how far you’ve come without harming yourself. I know the struggle, I feel it everyday I just want to burn myself and forget for that tiny moment.
Talk and express yourself more and more x


Super proud of you!
This is huge and so worth it. Your body is a work of art and I just recently posted a picture of all my scars and wrote “The pain will fade, but our scars won’t”
I used to self harm as well…and years later I still have visible scars. It’s a sad reminder but also powerful to know that i made it through that point in my life. And so will you!!! Great thread🙏

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