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Hi everyone :wave:, I’m Julia and I am brand new to the app. Here’s a little bit about me: I’m just shy of 24y/o. I’ve been self harming for about 8 years now and the struggle is real. I started cutting because of anxiety and it progressed into a horrible addiction. I attend AA meetings but because I am not an alcoholic I feel I needed a community of people who could relate to my experiences a little bit better of course I will continue AA meetings because they are very helpful toy recovery but this will be my first time on an adult sobriety app where there are ppl to talk to. I would love to hear from others who share similar experiences. I will continue to share my story as I get to know others here. I am a Christian so I’d appreciate clean content! Thx everyone nice to meet u all!!!



I am not addicted to SH, but I did it for escape and to punish myself for what I considered my many faults. SH for me was intermingled with alcohol abuse, and disordered eating. It has taken me a long time (wrong side of 40!) to be 3 years sober, really making headway with eating mindfully, and can’t actually remember the last time I SHed. Look forward to hearing more about you! :purple_heart:

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Congrats on 3 years, thx for sharing!!!


I had been self harming by cutting since I was 13 until… probably last year, so 20 years total. It for me was a release from anxiety. I did some work with cognitive behavior therapy for my anxiety and phobias that helped me stop. I still get urges to do it but have not. Check out the book “Coping with anxiety” by Edmund Bourne. I borrowed this book from a friend, read it, and then bought it myself and have re-read it several times. You can get it cheap on amazon.

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Hello and welcome @Jules000

Thank you for being vulnerable with us and sharing your story.

Self harm can be used to cope with highly emotional situations in different ways. Have you sought out any other kind of medical help for this?

Though Smart Recovery is not faith based it is about retraining your brain and being personally accountable, while removing the stigma of addictive behaviours, but there are also many other options out there that may be helpful.

I have never cut but I have used other methods to self harm.

You’re not alone as many people do suffer with this, and so many of them will reach out and support you here in this community.


Hi welcome! I’m pretty new to the app but I’m almost 5 years clean from SH. We can figure out the app together and I can chat with you whenever you need it :heartpulse:

You’ve got this :muscle:t3: I can’t wait to watch you flourish!

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@Miranda1 that’s amazing, congrats on 5 years!

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My wife struggles with depression and has had epidodes be4 i met her

Shes 2years and 7days no depressional episode

Yes the struggle is real

I always tell her to say possative affermations. Easier sad then done but definitely try
They help

Be easy on yourself
Its all going to be ok

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Thank you for the support!

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I hope your well today

Im up early today
3hours be4 im stuck at work

@Noshame I’m up early for no reason. Going to visit some family today, I am well thank u, hope you are as well.

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Thank you💗


I hope its a good viset

I totally underminded my family in active addiction. My whole family…

Truth is that i mistaked their wisdom for confrontation

Now adays i love my whole family
Im a social butterfly ever sence i realized id rather be happy other then mad. Easy going is much easier to deal with.

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