Self Harm:(

I relapsed yesterday. specifically 8 hours ago. I love it so much. the pain of it. but it hurts everyone else. only one person knows because they were trying to help to distract me. it didn’t work out. there goes almost 3 months down the drain.


Pick your self up and move on. It happens to the best of us. You will get back to three months, I cant count how many times I relapsed? Too many to count. Use this group, go to AA, exercise, or get a hobby. I watch alot of movies and collect sports cards. If you need anything reach out, we are rooting for you, and you are never alone.


oh stop, I relapsed 9 times in about 6 weeks and now I am over 50 days. I learned something each and every time. your 3 months are not down the drain, just strength training for your resolve now.
Stop beating yourself up, you are making my arms tired. We know you are on a hard journey, you are not alone. Nurse Cookie is coming over for an hour…

awwwww the dogs adorable. thank you. just really wish I could stop doing this. I know it happens. but idk. I feel like I have to be the strong one in my group.

thank you. some times are harder than others and I really wish I would stop doing this.

just keep quitting then, be strong for yourself first.
sit with us when you need to…