Serious discussion on double standards (TRIGGER WARNING)

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Hi Carlito,

I am one of the moderators here. I think it is most helpful and effective to bring your concerns about moderators to @Robin, the creator of the app. We serve as moderators at his discretion. So, if you have concerns, he would be the one to contact.

Best, Sassy


If you have any questions or concerns with moderators, we urge you to contact Robin via PM. Flags should not be debated on the open forum.


The flagging message from Robin is an automated one. I’ve got them for a meme or two in the past. If a post was flagged, it doesn’t mean a moderator flagged them; they are most often from community members.


I don’t know whether post b was flagged or not.

If it wasn’t flagged, then the moderators are not to blame. They only delete posts that have been flagged by members.

If it was flagged, then both are unacceptable in my eyes, yet a more so than b, because even though a is clay, it is a lot more graphic, hence more likely to trigger. But that’s my uneducated opinion on the matter, so I might be completely wrong.

Either way, the moderators are not just human, they are fellow addicts who spend a lot of their valuable time to make sure that fellow addicts have a safe place. And as far as I know, they don’t receive any compensation. So I personally try to give them the respect they deserve even when I disagree (which isn’t a rarity), not because of their authority, but because of their sacrifices worthy of respect.

Btw, I feel my post can be read as if my opinion is the only right one, but that’s not my intent. Simply want to share my point of view.


Seriously OP this is how you choose to spend your time? Comin bro, this is a recovery forum. Take this to reddit or something. “This is America” (it’s also a global forum) sure but this is a privately owned forum and the admins make whatever rules they want within the law, and they do, and we all accept them, except you. So carry on complaining or focus on recovery, i would advise the latter because the prior objectively, realistically, ain’t getting you anywhere. Peace and love all. Oh and there is sex addicts on here that I’m sure wouldn’t appreciate these posts, it’s not that hard to be a little considerate of the addict that still suffers and see things from another’s perspective rather than pushing boundaries because you can.


Automated messages are generated with Robin’s name since he’s the creator of the forum. Again, please contact him directly with questions or concerns.


Thanks to our admins who do a wonderful job!


I’ll top that! The happy birthday post I put up earlier? Gone. As you can see, you piss off the posse or disagree with them? They sweep you under the carpet.

What about the ones that don’t?

Time to put the kettle on sit back and watch this one grow.


Nobody’s perfect dude we are all here for a shared purpose so let’s focus on that. Spend thousands on making your own forum if you feel so strongly. Robin has provided a lifesaving forum and the moderators aren’t paid and receive no great thanks for what they do, sure they make tough calls and they have busy lives but they do it to protect the forum and they do pretty bloody well. I’ve been annoyed before at them and usually I’m in the wrong anyway and just shitposting as OP acknowledged he does.


As mentioned, if you or anyone has an issue with moderators or flags we ruled on, please bring it to or PM to @moderators. The main forum is not the place for such discussions. Please also keep in mind that it is the forum members who generally are the ones flagging posts, not moderators. Also, forum members come to us in private often before or instead of flagging to bring issues to our attention.

We do our best to decide on flags based on the the rules as they are stated. We are human unpaid volunteers here.

We are here for sobriety / support / community.