Seriously sickened

Idk, I feel a little ridiculous resetting my clock. Haviving a hard time really. I will say that I have made it longer than I have in a long time. Which was 6 days! Idk thanks for listening this site has helped me thus far and I do appreciate the support and thoughts. Yesterday was a set back but today I try again!


Be strong and push thro the urge for it gets better ! One day at a time ! This app is truly a life saver for me ! Best of luck !


You just have to reset the timer and keep quiting. Its better than going back to how we were before. Remember all the reasons you decided to quit. You aren’t alone in this struggle i just reset too.

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Recommit. Reset. Drive on. Go for 7. If you can do 7, you can do 8.

Whenever I read a relapse report,I always think “that’s brave. Someone here can relapse and not tell a soul. It’s brave and it’s honest and it’s positive. These folks are fighters. They’re gonna make it.”