Sexy time!

I’m 151 days sober (yay me) now is it just me BUT is sex sober for the first time really awkward or is it just me!
Now my husband has been very very patient with me and last night we had sex for the first time with me completely sober and I gotta say, I felt very weird and awkward. Now this is a man I’ve spent the last 15 years with so we know each other inside out. During my drinking I would absolutely shit faced and then try to drunkenly seduce the poor man but I would be so drunk that I’d never remember next day and the poor bugger has put up with that for 5 years.
Now, everything was alright in the end but is it just me? It feels like we’re reconnecting, I was super self conscious (I have picked up some booze weight 🤷) but I can honestly say once we got into it, it was better than any drunk sex I’ve had so that’s a start right?


That’s alcohol for you, it makes us think we’re some super confident, invincible go getter. We basically use it as a mask sometimes. Doing things sober for the first time we normally do drunk takes time to adjust. That goes with anything, your brain gets used to associating an activity with alcholol and rewards you accordingly with dopamine. When you do the same activity without booze your brain thinks “what the shit is happening here, give me my booze”. Luckily we can rewire that part over time so the same activity becomes even more pleasurible and you have no guilt, shame, hangover the next day!

Keep going, you’re on the path to a whole new better feeling, healthier you :muscle::muscle:


Sober sex sucks!!! That was my far cry when I first got sober. As you continue to work on yourself you will get more comfortable with yourself. Now having sex is great, making love is a work in progress but it’s getting better.

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Its definitely awkward. I’ve found it lessens the awkwardness if you do it right when you wake up. Still kind of disoriented from sleeping lol


Fear of intimacy, oh how I know it well. I’m in the no hormones left stage of my life and I likes it not gonna lie, so much freedom without any thoughts if sex but then again I’m single.

There’s a whole post somewhere else about this. Search ‘sober sex’


What’s interesting is that we think sex when we are drunk is great, when actually all the drunk does is numb our senses and emotions. As time passes you will feel more comfortable and will get more pleasure than you did before because you will be present in the moment. This is great news for you and your husband.