Short nights

I’m sober 28 days. The last week I had some short nights. The day after I felt like I had a hangover, but was still happy it’s in my hands to stop doing what I’m doing and get back to sleeping normal again from now on. The difference between waking up after a night of netflix binging and online shopping is that I don’t feel as guilty as with a hangover and I know it’s easy to fix. It’s the same with endulging in junk food, I feel a bit guilty but it’s nowhere near as bad as being hungover.
I’m beginning to like myself more these days.


Good for you!! Congrats on almost a full month, that’s amazing.

I did the same with Netflix binging yesterday. In my sobriety I’ve generally been very productive every day but yesterday was a nasty rainy day so I allowed myself a day off from all the busy work.

It really is amazing how much more you get to know yourself when you’re sober.


Nice right! I also don’t feel like beating myself up about it.
I was binging Ratched, what did you watch?

The way you’re coping is understandable, even tho I’ve been sober for a year now, I still go on little eating or spending binges. As you say, it’s much preferable to using. But have you thought about trying something like exercising? I just can’t advocate for it enough, it has so many benefits for someone going through withdrawals or trying to stay sober. :slight_smile:

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I think we all let our hair down once in a while, thankfully now with something else then alcohol. I did start working out at my local, it’s doing so much for me!
One year sobriety is amazing, congrats on that :boom::1st_place_medal::boom:

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