Should I get a new job?

Looking for thoughts/opinions. I’m a pharmacy tech. I have over 1 year sober from alcohol and close to 4 years from benzos. Due to a recent surgery, pain pills started becoming a problem so I quit taking them at the first sign of a problem.
I get a little jealous when I have to fill controlled medication for people. It’s never caused me to relapse but it definitely puts that thought in my mind . I like my job a lot and have always known I was supposed to be in the medical field one way or another. Lately I’ve started wondering if I should quit my job to prevent all that temptation, but I don’t know what to do for work. I make a good bit above average salary wise and don’t want to get a job making much less than where I’m at. What is everyone’s thoughts?

I worked as a Pharmacy Tech part time a while back. I enjoyed it but many of the people that came in were cranky and irritable. I guess I am when sick so that makes sense.

My issue is with alcohol so drugs didn’t bother me. My opinion is if it bothers you to the point of possible relapse you need to find different work. There are many different jobs in the medical field. How about an addiction counselor?

If you feel that you have the propensity to steal in order fuel your addiction, you may want to seek help first, whether NA, therapy etc. Personally, I think quitting might be a bit premature, but you know you best. Good luck!

I’m not one to steal. It always just makes me think of calling my Dr and asking to be put back on Klonopin again or something like that.