Show me your recovery chip/coin/tags etc πŸͺ™

I am going to order this one for my 3 year! The postage is twice the cost of the chip, but nevermind!


I keep it in my wallet.


Never seen those kind of chips from you ore @Kareness . I love the colour and the text on it.
Within a half a year I can order a new one. Curious what I’m going to choose by then. So many choises! :sunglasses:

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You can get a bag of my chips pretty cheap…



Eat them with pride.
You earned them ODAAT

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This is something I have had on deck for a while just waiting on the laser. When I began my journey of sobriety, all I could find were the standard AA coins. I wanted to make something for the veterans out there taking these steps. This one is mine, it’s hanging in my shop until June when I hit 3. I really enjoy that it is. A little different than the typical coins and represents me. Laser engraving is my new hobby and I even started a small business with creative endeavors. It is tons of fun and allows you to make personal items like this! Definitely enjoying it and definitely earned it :blush:


I saw a laser machine a while ago. You could order special ingraved stuff. I found it like magic to watch the laser do his β€œthing”.
And you have your own! :sunglasses:
Nice tag!

Went to a NA meeting while 18 months sober, the two year chip is from my AA homegroup. Currently going to 2 to 3 meetings per week. Seems I gave up my resistance :blush::pray:


Well done! :facepunch::facepunch:

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