Show the artist within you (Part 2)

Oh, that tiger us gorgeous. Does she sell those?

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So thankful to be coherent enough to actually focus on doing something I enjoy instead of living in a constant fog and only being able to think about my next drink (or 10).
The little things are a big deal to me :blush:


Wow, these drawings are really good :grin: :heart:

Thank you so much! 🩵

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Hummingbird sketch I did. I used filters to make it pop a little bit more. :slight_smile:


@Aleyadaisey I love it

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Thank you! :smiling_face:

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Working on this picture of my bf lol the nose looks so dark :melting_face: correct skin values w pencil is impossible when ur pink too :joy:


Love it Jess!!! Such talent :clap:


Thank you so much :blush:


@HessicaJamilton really nice :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you :pray: :gift_heart:

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Claudia, I thought about you lots while I made this raw pink tourmaline pendant. @SoberWalker


Aaaah, that’s a sweet one! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Yes, Tourmaline is my favorite stone of all!
The copper matches well with the colour of the stone Stella. I hope I can make my own pendant as well some day during the goldsmith class. We are in summer pause now so no classes.


New Song that I made.

Listen to no:SENSE by ZEESTRAAT on #SoundCloud


@joy_555 thanks for the music


I got you :notes:



Addiction’s Grip - a poem by Andrew Fletcher:

In the darkest depths, where shadows dance,
A vice of spirits holds its chance.
Alcohol, the poison’s sly disguise,
With cunning charm, it masks its lies.

A potent elixir, amber and gold,
Its allure tempts the weak and bold.
An intoxicating serpent, coiled tight,
Constricting life’s breath, devouring light.

Once a comrade, now an oppressive weight,
Addiction’s grasp seals a dreadful fate.
A cunning seductress, whispers in your ear,
“You need me, my dear, I’ll numb your fear.”

Friendships crumble, like crumbling clay,
As whiskey’s fire tears love away.
Trust erodes, like sand on the shore,
Relationships wither, forevermore.

The heart, once warm, now cold as ice,
Frostbite grips, numbing every slice.
Choices made, a bitter pill to swallow,
As loved ones weep, unable to follow.

The cost, immense, in coin and soul,
A fleeting pleasure, a lasting toll.
As the bottle claims its heavy toll,
The addict’s fortune, squandered whole.

Yet in the silence, the pain concealed,
Lies a battle fought, a wounded heart revealed.
For shame and humiliation cast their pall,
Rendering truth silenced, as darkness falls.

But hear me now, oh weary soul,
Your spirit, your fire, shall not be stole.
For hope endures, a beacon’s light,
Guiding you through the darkest night.

In the heart’s recesses, strength does grow,
A seed of resolve, beginning to show.
The path to freedom, though fraught with strife,
Unveils the promise of a sober life.

Break free from chains that bind you tight,
Awaken your spirit, reclaim your light.
Let the phoenix rise from ashes of despair,
Embrace the courage to conquer and repair.

For in the depths of struggle, we find grace,
And in redemption’s embrace, we find our place.
Through fellowship and love, we stand tall,
Breaking the shackles, answering the call.

Addiction’s grip may loosen, its hold release,
As a heart beats steady, finding newfound peace.
Embrace the journey, reclaim your worth,
Discover the joy of a life rebirth.

So let us raise a toast, not to the vice,
But to the victory won, the sacrifice.
May we find solace in the strength we’ve found,
And in the depths of addiction, rise profound.


Beautiful, true,…loved it
You write a lot of poetry?