Show the artist within you


I always believed that people suffering from addiction have a heart full of art and possibilities. For that we are vulnerable. In my case I love to draw and sing.
Here you can post your creation.
I put now my last drawing. Excuse the quality of the picture


Love this!! Great work. I doodle/draw I’ll show a photo later, but song lyrics come to me all the tome, music moves me- when doodling I’ll write the song in my head down, I can’t sing a tune and I love art but can’t really draw or paint. I make art and play with light, I’m a photographer and study light all day everyday. That’s where I’m able to be creative and use my imagination.

My daughter ^

This is one of my favorites it was a completely organic idea and my husband built a box with holes in it so it could be in the water and look like she was standing on water- so fun!!

My first time playing with photoshop ^

This was a rainy day I was so bored so thought feathers would be fun to play with. An absolute blast but what a mess lol! One pillow has a lot of feathers just FYI :joy:


Omg your photos are gorgeous!! I wished we lived in the same city so I could hire you to do my family :slight_smile:


Amazing, you are very good! Focus on this wonderful part of you.

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Thank you so much!!!


Wow!!! Love this!

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got some new micron pens! I really like machines


That’s beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I’m no artist, so I can’t add to the pictures shared here. But I’m grateful you shared.


I love this pictures. How much beauty in them! Thank you so much.

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Woah!!I love it. Machines are always hard to draw for me. I admire the good work

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Wonderful and with style. I love it

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That’s great! Is the first person I know who design her own tatoos.thanks for sharing

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Artist need people who enjoy their works. Thanks for enjoying them


Really impressive. I love it. Has a title?I love the colour combination and the whole paint


These are wonderful

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Thank you Sweet Man! :hugs:

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You are welcome :blush:

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