Sick of my drinking

Ok this is so embarrassing, I am so desperate to drink. I am drinking cooking wine Ma vanilla extract. Anyone else?

I think we are all sick of it. @Sobertoday2016 you have come to the right place. You will find plenty of support here

I had 73 days and fell off track. :pensive:

73 days. That’s impressive. I was 87 until Sept. But interesting you say fell off track. I assume you want to get back on track or you wouldn’t be here. That tells me your desire to quit is high. You’ve done it before. You can do it again. Those 73 days are not wasted. I thought 87 days was a sign I didn’t have an issue with alcohol. Just tonight I thought… you know how that worked out. I’ve been to an allen carr seminar and read the book. It’s excellent and deals with stripping away our perception of alcohol. It could help. Plenty of motivational videos on here too. You can do this


Have faith in the willingness @Sobertoday2016 this awesome forum is a force , it will always be With you if u let it.