Signed a new lease

Well, I may only be 6 days sober, but as of yesterday I am officially an apartment owner. I have never lived on my own before, I have always has someone with me. After the break up I had not even a week ago, I have decided to work my absolute hardest on myself so I can be the person I want to be and finally be released from the devilish grips of my mother. ( My biggest enabler.) Today I hold a heavy heart in my chest, filled with hearbreak, sobriety, freedom and independence. This is my biggest accomplishment so far and I only hope to grow stronger each and every day and kick that barefoot bottle out of my life for the rest of my life! I may be a slow process but I have faith that I can pull through! I hope hearing my story helps other young adults like myself feel the motivation and strength to continue on the path to a better, sober life. Thank you for all the support!


Good luck…and stay strong :+1:

Thank you!:slightly_smiling_face:

Yea, congratulations on your new adventure

Very Nice! Just keep your self in check with your aloneness. Only throwing this out there because as we know the demon loves being our roommate. And time alone can be very good and bad during our recovery. So always be cautious. If you feel not in the best of spirits alone isn’t the best to be. My biggest worry was living alone during my early years of recovery “Thankfully didn’t have to”. I’m living in my own home now😊. Just be open to anything that living alone might throw at you. But again everyone is different what might not be best for some might work for others. Congrats on the place all the best on your new way of life …


This is great and inspirational!

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That is great. You got this. Lean on us here go to a meeting what ever it takes to succeed. You can do it. Stay strong.

Yay!!! :hugs: