Sleep schedule (fitbit or otherwise)


So I have been on the fitbit bandwagon for the last year and a half or so, and I love it. We have some pretty competitive step challenges at my work, which always keeps me moving (as well as walking to work and having an active dog) and I average around 15,000 steps a day, and looking to raise this with the arrival of spring. My favourite thing about it is the sleep tracker though! I was at a family event (no drinks despite constant offers from my brother in law, didn’t even want one :slight_smile: ) and anyways, I was shocked when everyone told me they only sleep like 4-5 hours a night! And they were all amazed I sleep 7-8+. I would literally die and if I get less than 7 hours…it’s rare. I guess I did today was up early for a walk. Definitely no alcohol makes for a better and more consistant sleep and I am loving tracking my improved sleep. Looking forwards to lots more early nights. Any more sleep junkies here?


Yes! I am a sleep junky, steps junky, and garmin/fitbit watch-wearing junky. You are CRUSHING it with your sleep and steps! I’m a new user so don’t know if I can share pics yet. Awesome thread!

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I just did it as a sceenshot on my phone… We do the workweek hustle and the girl who won last week had like 98,000 I was in second with like 84,000. She’s obviously my nemesis now, though I don’t know her lol!


Ahhh your steps are great! Last summer I was averaging 17-18,000, maybe winter in Canada slowed me down a little but still trying to keep them up!

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Lol! Looks like you are within 1st place reach. And it always helps when you have somebody to beat!! I hope you get first place!

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Ahhhh, I am so envious of your sleep! My Fitbit usually gives me an average in the four and a half hour range. I’m trying to work on that!


I was so comfortable with almost always winning, the new blood is giving me motivation :smiley:

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That is awesome sleep!! We don’t sleep close to this well when we are in active addiction.

I have a bit of an obsession with improving my DEEP sleep. It is almost becoming an addiction in itself.

Though I noticed that my deep sleep is very different compared to my Fitbit and my Apple watch.

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Same as me, thats when the most physical recovery happens. I was recently reading about deep sleep, and no screen time, same bed time every night, exercise and all that seem to help improve it. Any more tips?


Ahhh that’s what my brothers girlfriend told me, I was so concered lol! She sent me a screenshot of her steps and I saw her sleep and was like, “Ummmm, let’s talk about your sleep, how are you alive?” :laughing:

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Ha! One of my friends says something very similar to me. Complete with the “ummmm…” And pictures of sheep jumping over fences. Lol.


Out of curiosity, how much deep sleep do y’all typically get each night? My deep sleep is usually a fraction of my total sleep and that worries me. At best it’s 50 percent.




We took our alarm clock out of the room. That achieved two things…1. less light in the room, 2. no obsession over the time if we do wake up in the night. My watch as a vibrate alarm on it so I use that for waking up.


When using the fitbit I was getting about 12% deep sleep. Some days I’d get as high as 18% but that was rare. I think I was happy if it was over 1 hour total.

With my new Apple watch they must measure it differently because it is saying between 25 and 30% is deep sleep.

What device do you have?


Interesting that there’d be a difference between products.

I myself have a Garmin. It gives me a percentage more in line with what you are seeing with your new Apple watch.


I used to have a Garmin before the Fitbit (I’m a bit of a tech junkie!!). It was different in that it had only 2 types of sleep…Fitbit has 3 (REM, light, deep). Apple has the 3 but it must measure them differently. Personally I’d rather it err on caution. Tell me I have less deep sleep and I won’t get all “hey, my sleep is great” all the time. :slight_smile:

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LOL! Very wise :joy:


This thread makes me a sad panda. My average sleep is 6.5 :worried: hours.

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