Sleep will it return?

My goodness I’m on day 8. I feel really good for the most part. Thought I would have much worse withdrawals than I have actually experienced. Except sleep… or the lack of sleep. I am taking lots of vitamins during the day, even taking long walks for exercise. I take melatonin an hour before bed, yet here I am after midnight still awake. Hell I have to get up at 3:45. Any idea how long this may last? This group has been essential in my 8 days! Thank you all very much for your truth. You all are an inspiration!

Every person is different, but I can tell you I struggled for the first 14 days or so. After that I was good for about 3 weeks. Not to scare you, but most of us go through PAWS at some point after sobering up. Mine hit at 5 weeks sober and lasted for 2 full weeks. After that I was in the home stretch…

I will add that my two weeks of PAWS is a longer bout than most people deal with.