Sleepless motivation

Yesturday wasnt too bad (1st week) until i went to bed i caught my self over thinking every situation thats gone wrong these last few months all from alcohol an still wanted to get out of bed an have a beer it was awful basically sat there for 2 hours why my other half is asleep next to me trying to be positive even tho i was so tired I couldn’t get to sleep it drove me mad but my positive thoughts overcome the negative an today will be my 1 week without a binge drink session p.s do we get headache from binge drinking coz ive got a mild 1 an its driving me bananas :banana: thanks happy Saturday :blush:


The overthinking kills me! I’m getting better at it but I’m like you, I have to really try and think positive thoughts. Congrats on your first week!

Hi hope you are okay. What’s done is done now you can’t change the past. Move on from it or all these feelings of regret etc will eat you up. Try and let go of it. I have been in the same boat. I know it’s not easy. Just try and put things to bed and move forward towards a better way of life a more focused and healthy one.