Small victories, finding my way back to me

Day 73. A couple days ago I sat down and played the piano for the first time in years!! Backstory: I have a very large, very heavy but beautiful antique piano that my now-ex gave me as a birthday gift one year, which seems like a nice gesture on the surface, until you learn that he essentially never let me play it thereafter, and ultimately gave me a complex about it. Even though we split several years ago now, I still carried this emotional block when it came to my piano. But still, this piano has moved with me - with help from some lovely, glutton-for-punishment friends - 3 times now, 'cuz even though I wasn’t playing it, I couldn’t bear to give it up. But FINALLY, after all this time, I bit the bullet and played the other day! A bit rusty, I admit, but not awful. And it felt pretty damn great!! :hugs: Just wanted to share somewhere.


Wow, that is pretty darn awesome!! I am glad you brought it with you and you have strong friends!! And especially that you sat back down and played. :heart:

And congrats on your 73 days…that is big!!

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This warms my heart and gives me hope. I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing!!! I have my childhood piano, a not fancy upright but sentimental, that my parents moved up for me themselves in a uhaul 10 hours away, I’ve moved it once since then with my family helping yet again, and I’ve only touched the keys a few times. I have this mental block also, though no quite like yours. Mine is more about feeling insecure, inadequate, guilty, etc. But I’ve been thinking about it so much and I’ll get on it soon! Thanks for the motivation.


Great post. I’m so glad that you have mustered up the strength to sit and give your beautiful piano a play! And congratulations on 73 days, with each day we get that little bit stronger. Thank you for sharing, happy playing :notes::pray:t2::two_hearts::two_hearts: