So again my sobering days start from tomorrow onwards!

Hope this time I do it what I want to do for myself☺


FYI, I tried by myself for 7 years (no luck). I’ve made it 12 days now but that’s only because I realized I’m powerless over alcohol & started getting help from others. I never new there’s so many people that actually want to help us! I didn’t know anything about AA until last Monday & if u asked the old timers at my meetings (I still don’t know shit) but I’ve taken the first step.
Good Luck Man & I’ll keep ya in my prayers!


Marty Thankyour dear :blush:

Just wanted to say that’s great to hear you have taken yourself to aa and given it a go, aa has been a huge part of my sobriety or recovery as I call it, rehab introduced me to it and I kept on going to meetings, i’v been sober nearly a year now and I know if I hadn’t got sober I wouldn’t be here now and belive that I have alot to thank aa for that. Keep on going :slight_smile:

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Thanks for your push to keep going. My son just made his one year anniversary clean this week! He’s a big inspiration to me. With God’s help you’ll make your big one year Aniversary also. Even though I understand it’s a disease that’s never going away! The friendship and support I’ve received from 4 meetings has been pretty awesome. I guess will just roll one day @ a time.