So betrayed

So before i got sober i became an iv user. I was having the guy i waa w shoot me up. Then we ended uo breaking up. I opened up to my mom and that same night she attacked me. I have not talked to her since dec 10th. Then i moved well amyways i talked to my son and he was telling me that this pos that was sticking a needle in my arm is now staying at my moms. I feel betrayed and hurt by my mom. This just made it to where ill never speak to her again. Sorry had to vent


I am not too sure of the situation, but it is hard when u r trying to improve urself and others bring up the past. Unfortunately, others often need a lot of time to trust us again, or understand we have changed. The best proof is continued changed behavior. I hope ur relationship with ur son, and maybe even mum can improve.

Sometimes I think that it’s okay to put family at arm’s length. This is about your health and well being. You can’t control those things that others do, including your mom and the pos. But you can control your actions. When people say it’s best to cut out toxic people in your life, that can include a parent. The action is up to you. Big hugs and sending you strength in recovery :hugs::pray:

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It’s a struggle but I haven’t spoke to my family since this sobriety thing started for me.

Its hard but sobriety is a selfish act. The outsiders need to see that we can do this,

I think I misunderstood ur post, but the message of focus on your own sobriety still fits, I hope. Hugs

My mom is very toxic thsts y she is no longer in my life. The same w the guy. I wanted to try and talk to my mom but after this it wont happen. Im better off wo her in my soon as o get the money for a place im having my son move im w me. Anyways thanks for listening

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You got this darlin! Take care of you. Take care of the baby boy :heart: keep us updated :+1:

Its like that old cliché ‘you can pick your friends but not your family’ my advice would be to concentrate on your recovery. You cant let anyone get you down as it can lead you back into using.

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