SO HAPPY today!

im sitting here thinking about the mindset and lifestyle i was at on day 1

Today im at day 70!!!

everything is so much better !!!
My job
My relationship with my partner my family and my kids is great!

My uncle was like a brother to me he he was my drinking partner for 20 years…he just died around day 35 of my sobriety.

I really thought ok there goes me being siber i cant cope with this… btw alcohol did kill him…

But!!! I wanted to honer him and not follow the same path.

I had one last goodbye shot with my actual brother to celebrate who my uncle was…

Since then i still have not had a drop


Congratulations on the change you’ve made!

Only suggestion I would make is to find a new healthy habitual way to celebrate someone in the future so that this doesn’t open the door in the future.

Keep doing the great work you’re doing!


Congrats on your 70 days! I am so very sorry for your loss. Grateful that you did not relapse and only got stronger! Keep it going strong :muscle:

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