So I just took an IQ test

And I found out it is 135, why don’t I feel that smart lol

Probably because of you’re like me, you spent years thinking you were the smartest person in the room. And you felt that way about your addiction too, until you realized you really are an addict and can’t outsmart it. That’s been my journey anyway.

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I understand where you’re coming from but that’s not where I was getting at, anything above 134 on an IQ test is a very superior intellect, I just don’t feel smarter than the general public, idk

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question might be better suited for a mensa forum

Which site did you use?

My apology

I don’t mean to offend, but usually these online IQ tests are inaccurate. They tend to show a higher IQ that would in turn give the person more confidence to share it on social media.


Lol yeah but in this case I paid 20 dollars to see the results

Right. You are paying them to tell you that you’re smart lol. Hey you put it out there. Just busting your chops.

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