Sober activities. Opinions?


Going for walks? Running? Weekly gym visits?


Sudoku. I love them


Going to the gym is key for me. Not just for the work out but also the social atmosphere. Plus it takes up time lol


I was binge watching black mirror and went to see the new star wars movie almost every time I got a craving. I’ve seen it 9 times now…lol


Take a night class to improve my career.

Use online video classes for the same.

Go to dancing lessons.

Play all kinds of board games at game meetups and game conventions.


Will definitely force myself out for some kind of a walk tomorrow. Just feels odd getting out the house for no other real reason.


I bought a metal detector over a year ago. Going out this weekend to a couple parks. Hopefully i can find a ring lol.


I’ve started learning Scottish Gaelic from the speak our language series. Watched all the black mirror new series which was excellent. Went to the cinema with my daughter which i really enjoyed. We will be going again next week. I’ve been cleaning alot and doing more cooking from scratch. Youtube can keep me distracted for hours lol


Earphones in, sneakers on. Enjoy!


you live in a different climate from me .youd be dead in 20 mins here​:joy::joy::joy::joy:


Learning Korean, working on my cooking skills, reading and playing soooo many games. I also play a mean air guitar when I’m really bored.