Sober and sad

hey yall

new here…or to b clear, never stayed sober long enough to stop being new. soo the thing is…my sister got engaged and i feel happy 4 her bt so alone and sad 4 myself…wanna jst knock myself out…

That’s understandable, people are moving on while you are still working on getting sober, the loneliness in this shows you want more in life, that’s good. These things take time and aren’t easy. Working through the pain instead of getting high or drunk is part of it, and I can assure you that your not alone in this. Stay strong, look at all the good things you have and want to keep, you’ve got this.


I think that it will take time. It’s a process full of hard work. And I’m at the belief that you have to do the work. Fix the turmoil inside yourself. What this will allow you to do is find peace. Being content with where you are and content with what you have. Not searching for the next thing to bring you happiness. And that’s what you would be doing if you were to jump into a relationship. You would focus energy there instead of fixing your own problems. Do the work on you and guess what you will start to like yourself.


Thank u guys so much 4 ur kind and wise words…really appreciate it a lot… i know ur right and i know that i hv to work on my own happiness. gotta b happy with myself… bt sometimes its jst so damn hard and lonely…


Agreed, it definitely can be difficult especially when they take so much time but it’s for the best.