Sober for 42 days

Hey every1 i been sober for 42days sometimes i feel great other times i just feel so tired & drain. I dnt even think of alcohol like dat i just be like thinking i cant believe how much money i wasted on drunk nites & being on drugs xanax coke adderall so i could balance everything out. I saw pixs of myself how my face looked it was a fuc… mess i looked like a zombie the life sucked out of me. Going on for 42 days i just be waking up so tired could sleep 4hours or up to 10 hours & feel so tired & drain. Also my whole body hurts my bones hurt me so much hopefully i start feeling better next month. Gotta get back on my feet pay back my debts & get back on top of my bills because i was falling behind. Sober life is great one step atva time baby steps :thinking::muscle::pensive::money_mouth_face::skull:


Keep it up!! One day at a time