Sober from meth for 90 days now!

It’s definitely been a difficult road, every day is a battle but I’m doing it one day at a time sometimes one minute at a time.


That is fantastic !! Well done. I’m happy for you

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Congratulations God bless you keep going im inspired

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That is so great!! Keep doing what you’re doing!

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Well done! I’m taking life in 1 minute at a time right now. Stay strong! You inspire me!


Wow! Congratulations!:tada::tada::tada:

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Thank you for all the great comments! Much love!

So amazing​:heart::heart::heart:

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160 days clean and still going strong! :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m up to 901 days from meth also, trust me when I say it only gets easier :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I have been in and out of recovery since 2010. I have abused pretty much every substance. For some dumb reason I got a prescription from my doctor for Adderall 3 months ago. I just am so fucking dumb. Now I am quitting cold turkey from over 200mg a day habit. Laying in bed listening to my kids play while I am “sick” I’m bed. My husband is helping to keep this a secret. I am so sick of doing this over and over. It is so much easier staying sober than it is getting sober!!! The entire time I was using all I wanted was to be sober again. Congratulations on your time. Great accomplishment!! Don’t ever doubt you are an addict. Hang out with clean people. God bless

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This is an incredible achievement :hugs:

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