Sober from Tramadol and Xanax, daily check in for motivation



I’ve heard good things about requip. Lyrica should only be a last resort in my opinion because there is abuse potential. I don’t like being on meds either, but sometimes in early recovery it’s unavoidable. I’d rather take night time meds prescribed by a doctor than drinking or shooting my way to sleep.


Yes I am totally open with my new doc. He is trying his best, he has a killer reputation in this field as well. He has become more like a friend. I am fortunate to get someone finally who is not a businessman.
I am having iron, folate and magnesium sups with a multivitamin.


After trying mirapex tbh i m really in double mind to try requip. But yes i will prefer it anyday over falling back to xanax, ambien etc. I told him this and he said if i can manage it without these its great but if not, shying away from meds altogether is not a wise thing as well at least at this point. Exactly what you said its unavoidable in some cases.
What i decided is i will buy the meds today but i will not have it. If it gets totally outta my hand i will have option to try those.


Either try cutting back at night. Or get the smoking patches to put on. They can be prescribed by your doctor. I just quit smoking myself, about 3 weeks now by using the patches. It’s not easy but it is possible.


Hi, I will definitely try those patches, but right now I don’t wanna complicate my primary goals and make it compound and harder. But I ll try to cut back as much as possible near bedtime.
Quitting smokes to me is on per with difficulties of quitting really strong rx drugs. You have done it. Amazing tbh. Hats off.
Till now I am doing decent, except few thing. I am angry as fuck for no reason. I think I should restrict my outdoor activity for few days or ask my friends to be with me when I am out.or else I might get into real trouble.
I am always sleepy now,on an average i slept 1 hour/day for last 8-9 days. I almost fell down from my seat while travelling today to my pain clinic.
Can’t really tolerate noise specially hf noise. Feels like its drilling my brain.
Tens therapy is helping me a lot. Pains are manageable now.
I am trying two new medication for rls. One is requip(ropinirole) another is catapres(clonidine). My doc changed mirapex as it is not helping instead making things worse.
Nights are just horror stories to me since I st day.
My rls starting from late evening and peaking at bedtime. I just can’t sleep.
I played guitar after a long time, nothing fancy, some early corpse and Suffocation stuffs, it felt good though. But I can only play for at around 1-1.5 hours max.


Totally get it! I dont know if I could have quit everything all at once myself man. It is hard, but it is possible. I would just try cutting back for right now ya know. Cant hurt to try is all… I just wanted to inform you on what makes it worse because rls sucks and its like youd do anything to make it better…
I’m glad you’ve got your pain at a manageable level… that’s big! Pain can make you insane let alone the rls too…
But it will get better. Might take a little longer since the benzo use and dealing with rls. But it will. Hang in there day by day, hour by hour, 10 min by 10 min.


Thanks man. I was feeling awful, its 1.30 night here everyone sleeping i can’t even think of going to bed. Tried few times with no luck.
I was feeling like screaming and crying for help
But when i saw your reply i
almost certainly I have started feeling lot better. I need all of your support to pass this phaze.


In always here to talk, might not get your message right away, but I will always reply when I see it! I’m proud of you! What your doing is a big deal. And it’s hard! But no one ever said it was easy… hell, we all be doing it if it was easy lol. Glad your feeling a little better. Remember, just for today…


Hi there. Sorry i was just reading all your comments and I totally relate. I don’t think I was taking as much as you…I am in Scotland so not sure of the names of some of the medication. I am only 2 days clean and the withdrawal is horrible. The restless legs are just the worse. I have hardly slept and just walked about for 2 nights. And the headaches :frowning: i have depression and anxiety also so it has been so tough. I am a single mother so i have to put on a brave face for my little girl but it feels like i am dying inside. The temptation is so strong to get more coz i know that will at least take away the physical pain but i dont want to be this way anymore.


Double digit. 10 days. Yayyyyyy. I slept a little better and not feeling totally shit after waking up. I can’t resist to upload 10 days sober selfie. Here it is.

How are you all beautiful people?


Thanks to all of you for the love and support. I am grateful to you guys, you all took time to talk and reply, helped me in so many ways in last 4 days, its incredible. Thanks again and I owe you all.


Hey Julz, you already passed the worst possible days. Now with every single day you will get better not by huge margin but noticeable for sure.
What medications you are on? Which names you did not understand? Please mention, i will search for the equivalents for your country.
Please consult with your Dr bout for depression and anxiety. Its a very complex thing and I am not qualified to give you any specific names.
But in general I can tell you that a little excercise (nothing fancy, some streching, free hand) works great. You can also try biking a bit if its possible. You will not feel like starting any of this,you will be tired as fuck but drag yourself to do first few minutes, within minutes you will kind of like it.
Rls is a bitch. Now a lot of people will tell you to stay on the bed, divert the mind by doing some mental excercises like backward calculations and stuff. I am sure it helps some people but not me. I dont fight it instead i walk the whole apartment, go to roof or borrow my flatmate’s bike. It kind of helps me. But be very aware of one thing. Don’t ever get out on roads with traffic cause your concentration level will be pretty bad.
I don’t have expertise nor experience to help you beyond that. But you will find tons of extremely helpful peeps here so do not worry. An army of super strong, experienced and helpful people are at your disposal.
I am here if you want to talk though I am just 10 days clean myself. Please stay in touch. Post anything you feel like, sharing helps me a lot.
Love from India.


you like reading? It helps me, even when I don’t feel like reading I play some audiobooks. There are tons available on google play. I can specially suggest audible. Its not free but its super worth.
Can you play any instrument? It helps, too. Also writing down the main sources of anxiety helps me.


Hi, another day is passing and I am going strong.Taking frequent baths helping me. I got the prescribed med Ropinirole but decided not to take and well there are small improvements as well. I can focus a tiny bit more though its still far from half decent or ideal. Tried to cut back smoking as well but failed.But will try to taper very slowly again. At this moment it seems impossible though deep down I believe it’s possible.
One positive thing about the whole experience is now I have started to believe if i can endure this, I can do a lot of other things which at this point seems impossible or not achievable.
I am grateful to you all for supporting me, motivating me. No matter what happens, I will post here everyday, good, bad anything.


Great job! Its definately not easy at all. If it was easy they wouldnt have drugs like suboxone n methadone or treatment centers. About another week you should really start noticing a differance as the hardest part is over. Keep it up! 122 days clean from opiates myself…


Are you sleeping yet ? I hope so !! Not easy, probably ther hardest thing I’ve ever done. 37 days opiate free. Wishing you lots of sleep. Keep on going @Chayans !


And my second home was in the bathtub. I think I spent 1/2 of the first 10 days in there!


I’m glad your seeing the positives in the situation. Sometimes that’s really hard to do. It does get better. And just think, once you get through it, you dont have to ever do it again! And by going through this, you will come out stronger in the end. Day by day you will become stronger! You will start to feel a little better each day.
Thanks for the check in!


Hey Donnie, congratulations first. Its amazing to hear success stories like yours. It really pumps me up to do the right thing. Thanks for the motivation. I am really happy to let you know that though I cant sleep yet but I am surely noticing a difference. My rls is decreased without any medications and more or less tonight is probably the best night so far in last ten days.


Hey Rayn, firstly congrats for your achievement.
I can’t sleep yet now its midnight here but the best part is my main problem which is my rls is reduced. I would say this is acceptable now, haven’t felt any better for days. And that too when i stopped my meds for it. Feeling a little normal and stabilized even after just 15 minutes of sleep. Overall to sum up, its way more relief than what I expected in such a short period of time.