Sober life is like having multiple personalities, meh one day, want to die this day, life is amazing another day

Today started out a little rough, I am getting tired of staying home everyday, really praying hard for a job to call me. Went to a friend’s house and we talked about everything, really enjoyed the company and just getting out. The husband and I have gotten along really good today, been playful, flirty, and I could really feel the love between us. 10 days sober today, it’s been a roller coaster for sure. I think I will be 10× better as soon as I start a job, being home stuck in my thoughts is exhausting when all I want is a soma, Xanax, Valium, any kind of benzo or barbiturate. Please send some prayers my way, I have over 70+ applications out everywhere, I need a job so bad for my sanity, financially and to feel good about myself. Y’all are amazing :v: #life-in-recovery jUsT fOr ToDaY #uncategorized oNe DaY aT a TiMe


Congratulations on 10 days​:partying_face::tada:! I’m praying that you find a job soon. That will really help you a lot on your road to sobriety. Keeping busy and being around other people is good. You will have more energy and a different perspective on life. I am so happy that we made the decision to take back control over our lives. One day at a time…progress not perfection!

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