Sober mornings

There’s a few things that make waking up sober great but the ONE for me is waking up the next morning and not having to worry if I did or said something stupid the night before to Family or friends. Waking up without that stress is great. 46 days AF


Not to mention not being hungover! Amazing jumping straight into the day.

Good on ya for 46 days!


And waking up in your own bed. Congrats on your sober days :bed::+1:


Definitely a positive there.


Luckily I didn’t have that problem. I like waking up and not having to try to recall my night in my head. It’s liberating to me


Waking up hangover free and clear headed never gets old.


Mornings are my favorite too! Not only do we get to feel safe from bad decisions, we are not hungover and may even be well rested! I feel like my weekends are longer now that I don’t lose hours to booze and recovery.

And my work days are not nearly as full of anxiety.

I’m well enough to exercise now that I’m not chronically hungry over. And the exercise brings endorphins that make me feel better all day.

I hope you get to have all these benefits too!


I agree 100%! It’s a great feeling to open both eyes at the same time!


Yes! I agree with that!

Also for me mornings are better because:

  1. No hangover
  2. I actually have some energy to get out of bed and get going
  3. I’m more patient in the morning with the kids



I love waking up early, refreshed, hangover and guilt free! I’m always the first one up, so on the weekends the early morning is me time. :relaxed: One thing I notice sometimes is that those old guilty feelings pop up for no reason, almost like my brain is still doing a scan when I wake up to search for anything shameful I might have done the night before.


And an additional benefit…it NEVER gets old.


Agree with all of these, sober mornings (and evenings) are wonderful now. I seem to have gained so much time in the day!

I have also had that automatic panic scan @Mich80 and the relief when you realise you had a sober evening is immense.


Nobody has mentioned dopesick. It costing at least $40 bucks to even get you head off the pillow. And that gets you through the day pretty much miserable. Or often not even having forty or even 20 and freaking out. Now wondering if I should take coffee with me, or stop at Dunks. Noticing that Nakeds are only $2 bucks in bulk. Without consciously doing the saving, I was actually 18 cents short of the thousands I have saved by making healthier decisions. I actually have been throwing cash in a drawer and it was almost perfectly on point with this awesome app, which I often read within minutes of waking.


I’m thankful for my mornings now because I don’t feel like I need a drink (or 3-4) to get “right” so I can function in some way. Thank you all for being here.


I’m very thankful for my sober mornings but I remember in that first month, how absolutely grateful I was hitting my pillow sober. Not waking up at 3am sick, sweating through the sheets, reeling from the impending doom of the next day that was exactly like the day before. Mornings sober are icing on the cake. I’m glad this thread was started. Important for me to remember the early days.


Yes! I just had a thought about that, too, the other day when I woke up. I was like, what did I do last night? Trying to rack my brain before realizing I just went straight to sleep, sober! Best feeling.


Glad not to be needing those post drinking recovery days or those struggling through the busy ones because I had to much last night.

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Yes that is the best art of waking sober with a clear head and regrets.


I’m only 8 days in but my morning have been so great. No anxiety, no fatigue, and most of all clear head to tackle work and the kids early morning. Feels very refreshing and one of the things I love the most.


Haha! Love it