Sober podcasts


Anyone listen to any recovery podcasts? There’s a few I listen to, just curious if there’s any others I might be missing. I listen to these on Spotify, so, they usually upload a day or two after they’re recorded.

The ones I follow are:
-The Z-Man Podcast w/ Todd Zalkins (easily my favorite. He speaks with a lot of old school punk rock guys who’ve sobered up, and I can relate to that.)
-This 12 Step Life. Hosted by Jack Grisham, singer of old school punk band T.S.O.L. Another one I can relate to, in terms of him being a musician, staying sober and still living the life.
-Sober As $#@!
-That Sober Guy Podcast
-Recovery Elevator
-Real Sobriety Podcast


Since Right Now. There are three or four years of them all over then interwebs. The first 30 or so episodes were great. They are all great, but in the beginning they talked about a friend who had nearly destroyed his life in relapse then around ep 20 he comes onto the podcast and becomes one of the hosts. Good shit! They crack me up a lot and their journeys are so very different from one another.


Right on! I followed them on Soundcloud, can’t wait to check them out!


I listen to a lot of shows already, so this inspired me to search for sober podcasts on my podcatching app of choice. The first thing that popped up was Recovery Elevator, and I think I’m gonna start listening to that show now! This forum is my only source of support so far, so I welcome the addition of a sober podcast to help keep me on track.


I forgot to mention there’s a guy I watch on YouTube, Kevin O’Hara, who has a channel called Alcohol Mastery TV. He uploads videos in the 5-15 minute range, dealing with various topics.